17 Oct

Turn Your Small Business Into a Million Dollar Corporation


While thinking of starting up with a new business of our own, we are mostly held back in achieving our dreams due to the alibis we create, like: “If I had the money to do …”, “If I lived in a big city I’d have …”, or “If only I could get out of debt and …” etc. And finally, when our small business turns into reality from a mere planning document, we are still busy making alibis: “If I could get the right clients …” or “If I had invested earlier during booming times …”


It’s time for you now to throw those alibis in the dustbin as you are going to be introduced to a truth that—you can turn your small business into a multi-billion dollar corporation. Allow me to share with you the real stories of multi-billion dollar brands that started out very small.




Starting up as Apple Computer, Inc. in 1977, founders Steve Jobs, Steve Woznaik and Ronald Wayne had a dream to develop and sell personal computers. How small was Apple then? Well, the startup started from the garage’ of Paul & Clara Jobs’ home in Los Altos, California. Their Apple I was not a success but with the launch of Apple II in the market Apple started picking up.


Today Apple has become the largest world’s largest IT Company in terms of revenue. Apple has been the first company to have ever crossed the $700 billion dollar mark in the stock market. It is also the world’s largest IT Company in terms of assets and the world’s second largest phone manufacturer.


Walt Disney


Started in 1923 by Walt Disney in a small neighborhood of Los Feliz, he later moved to Hollywood to work with his brother Roy Disney and they started the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in 1926. Disney’s first work of Alice in Wonderland was much appreciated and reels were bought at a good price and more and more contracts started to flow for the brothers since then.


Today Walt Disney is a multi-billion dollar corporation with headquarters at South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, California. Their revenue touched $52.46 billion dollars in 2015 and their total assets were $88.18 billion. In 2014 they had an employee strength of 180,000 people.




William Harley along with his childhood friend Arthur Davidson started making stylish design motorcycles that were powerful at the same time in 1903. Later the company survived the Great Depression. The inspiration came when Harley and Davidson found trouble while climbing the hills of Milwaukee in a motorcycle. They experienced that they cannot possibly climb without the aid of a pedal.


Today, they have not only taken their earnings to over a billion dollars, but they even have loyal followers who will not buy any other motorcycles but the Harley-Davidson. They have created motorbike clubs and build networks of Harley-Davidson owners. It’s the consumers that made Harley-Davidson a true international brand.




Think about it. The three stories were shared to encourage you that most of them started out with less than average conditions. If businesses starting out in a garage and neighborhood can make ROI in the multi-billion dollar mark, then even your business can. What’s stopping you? Alibis? Do you think that Jobs, Disney or Harley ever entertained alibis?


Start wherever you are with whatever you’ve got. All the appropriate tools, people and plans will eventually come up as a result of your persistence and faith. So, keep on keeping on until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.